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The Need to Be Vigilant When It Comes to Auto Safety


Often times the value of the civil justice system is criticized by big business and the anti-consumer lobby. General Motors recent troubles highlight the need for the investigations that are pursued and for the exposure of the truth.  The  following two stories once again highlight why we must be forever vigilant and the true value of our system of justice when it comes to consumer protection.

Feinberg to announce death toll from GM ignition flaw.


CNN’s Money (9/15, Wallace, Harlow) reports that Attorney Ken Feinberg will announce Monday how many deaths and injuries he has so far tied to GM’ ignition switch flaw. CNN notes that GM has publicly linked 13 deaths and 54 accidents to the fault, but the NHTSA believes the numbers are larger. CNN explains that Feinberg was hired by GM to oversee a victims’ compensation fund but has stressed his independence from GM management. Meanwhile, former Federal prosecutor Anton Valukas found no evidence of a broad cover-up or conspiracy, but faulted “a pattern of management deficiencies and misjudgments,” CEO Mary Barra said. 


        GM orders halt to sales of 2015 Corvettes over two defects. The Detroit News (9/13, Shepardson, 504K) reports that General Motors told its dealers to stop sales of some 2,800 Chevrolet Corvettes for possible defects, as a company spokesman declined to confirm that the automaker intends to recall the vehicles while saying very few of the vehicles are in customer hands. GM told Chevrolet dealers to stop delivery of about 2,000 Corvettes from the 2015 model year to fix the driver’s airbag, and it also temporarily stopped shipment of the cars from its assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. About 800 2015 Corvettes — most of them at dealerships — are on hold because they may have been built with only one of the rear parking brake cables installed correctly. 

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