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GM Hides the Truth: McCaskill Slams “Culture of Cover Up”

Given the fact that I have dedicated my professional life to protecting the rights of the wrongfully injured, I am often confronted with arguments created by the wrongdoers lobby about the abuses in the civil justice system. The video below speaks for itself. Without the uncovering of the truth in this case who knows how […]

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Esteemed Litigator Rusell Fishkind Discusses Michael Jackson’s Estate Planning Errors

In this edition of Civil Justice Magazine, Chris Placitella again talks with the premier estate planning and litigation lawyer Rusell J. Fishkind about his new book, Probate Wars of the Rich and Famous. This week, Fishkind explains the mistakes Michael Jackson made when planning out his estate- the largest estate in American history. Although Jackson […]

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Maryland Mesothelioma Lawyers Obtain $4 Million Dollar Verdict

In this video, nationally known mesothelioma lawyers Charlie Candon and Will Minkin from the law offfices of famous Orioles owner Peter Angelos describe the battle in the Baltimore courtroom where the client was ultimately awarded 4 million dollars for pain and suffering and economic loss. Thier insight is extremely valuable for people who want to […]

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Noted Estate Lawyer Russell J. Fishkind Tells Single Women How to Avoid the Second Marriage Mistakes of Anna Nicole Smith

Probate Wars: Nationally known estate lawyer and NYU professor ,Russell J. Fishkind , is the author of the excellent selling book “Probate Wars.”  In this interview, Russell uses the case of Anna Nicole Smith to illustrate how and why single women need to protect themselves when entering a second marriage. Similarly, Russell discusses how the […]

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Noted Trial Lawyer Mike Ferrara Wins Case Stopping Police from Serving as Private Debt Collectors

Often times trial lawyers take on cases not because of the potential financial renumeration, but rather to right a  wrong.  In this case,  nationally-known trial lawyer Michael Ferrara  took on the New Jersey State police because he believed the officer involved went too far in effect acting as a private debt collector for a local […]

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Trial Lawyer and Arsanas Project Save the Whooping Crane

Chris Placitella chats with Jeff Mundy, a mass tort lawyer representing environmental groups advocating for the livelihood of the whooping crane.  He recently won a case on behalf of The Arsanas Project (TAP), in which the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) violated the Endangered Species Act, causing mortality of the whooping crane during the […]

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