More News on General Motors Released By Congress

News just continues to roll in on the GM scandal as more and more information is slowly uncovered. The latest series of news continues to point to the fact that GM knew about the ignition defect, which is linked to 13 deaths, but actively sought not to do anything about the problem.

On April 13, the House Energy and Commerce Committee released thousands of documents from the Congressional investigation into GM’s recall of over two million vehicles. According to multiple news sources, the documents show more about what GM knew and decided not to do.

The Associated Press reported that among the documents was an e-mail to current CEO Mary Barra, making her aware of power steering issues in the Saturn Ion in 2011. The e-mail did not intimate that she was a part of any decision-making at the time, while she was serving as head of product development, but that she had full knowledge of the situation.

On a CBS Evening News broadcast, correspondent Jeff Glor said the documents showed that “not only did GM know their switch was bad, they knew the airbags didn’t work and they could’ve fixed it.”

Even further, Congressional documents revealed that there was extensive communication about the defect between GM and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, according to Bloomberg News. Based on the documents, Bloomberg News reported that there was sufficient evidence about the defect to prompt a recall from the NHTSA. The article points out that there was a large amount of evidence indicating that GM was slow to act and respond, but also evidence which shows that NHTSA decided not to act.

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