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New Hope for those at High Risk for Mesothelioma

All too often people who develop mesothelioma are diagnosed at an advanced stage and at a time when it is very difficult to provide treatment that presents any real hope of long term survival. I had many conversations with the late Dr. Irving Selikoff, the pioneeer, in this area, of the need for modern medicine […]

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Mesothelioma : Philadelphia Federal Judge Hands Down Major Decisions Affecting Maritime Cases

  Addressing a series of first impression maritime law issues in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, a judge has ruled that a ship doesn’t qualify as a product for the purposes of products liability and that makers of the components of those ships don’t have a duty to warn “sophisticated” users about hazardous products, like […]

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3.9 million dollar Jones Act Mesothelioma Verdict

When someone gets hurt on the high seas there is a federal law known as the Jones Act the provides for jury trial if the seaman was not provided a safe place to work. Today My friends John Herrick , Don Krispin and Duane Marsden succeeded in convincing the jury that the family of William […]

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Respected Scientists from All Over the Word Speak Out Against Reopening Asbestos Mine

    Epidemiologists oppose reopening asbestos mine     BY CATHERINE SOLYOM, THE GAZETTE JULY 24, 2012   4   STORYPHOTOS ( 1 )     Bernard Coulombe, owner of the asbestos mine Jeffrey Mine Inc., displays some of the fibres from a chrysotile (asbestos) rock in the town of Asbestos, Quebec, 170 kilometres east […]

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