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Another Florida Jury Awards Smoker $5M In Suit Against Philip Morris

Most people think that the tobacco litigation ended with the settlement reached in the States Attorneys’ General case against Big’ Tobacco. Yet, in Florida and to a lesser extent elsewhere, the battles against Big tobacco continue. It is ironic that Florida, a target tort reformed state, is the epicenter for these cases. 
Of course the primary defense is personal responsibility. Thus, in Florida, juries are allowed to assess responsibility against the smoker and the tobacco company when considering the case. Accordingly, in the most recent case, Antonio Cuculino, 69, was found to be 60 percent responsible for his health problems caused by decades of smoking Marlboro cigarettes, and the jury reduced the $12.5 million award against Philip Morris to $5 million, according to Cuculino’s attorney Jeffrey Sloman of The Ferraro Law Firm.

The jury found that defendant R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. was not liable…

Even as this story is written, another Florida Tobacco case is being tried  by my close friend Don Migliori one of the many protégés of the great Ronald Motley who was the driver and architect of the  Attorney Generals’ case against Big Tobacco. The jury is expected to get the case on Thursday.

One can only hope that the e cigarette does not produce a similar sordid legacy.

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