Improper Sealing Prompts Bumble Bee Foods to Recall Canned Tuna

Bumble Bee Foods issued a voluntary recall for five-ounce cans of two of its tuna products – Chunk White Albacore and Chunk Light Tuna – on Wednesday, March 6.  The recall was issued because the seals on these products do not meet the company’s standards.

According to Bumble Bee, the seals on some Chunk White Albacore and Chunk Light Tuna may not be tight enough.  A loose seal can cause contamination and can also cause the tuna to spoil.

Steve Mavity, Bumble Bee Foods SVP of Technical Services and Corporate Quality Assurance, reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that, “Due to can integrity concerns, our top priority at this time is to remove these recalled products from distribution as soon as possible. We are working closely with our sales team and with retailers to help expedite the recall. We must assure our consumers and retailers of a safe and quality product.”

The cans in question were sold between January 17 and February 28, and they indicated expirations dates in January 2016.  If a customer eats contaminate tuna, it may cause them to become sick.  There have not yet been any reports to Bumble Bee or the FDA of illness associated with this recall.

Mavity assured the FDA that, “There have been no consumer reports of illnesses attributed to these products, but because we’ve identified an issue with seal tightness, we’re voluntarily recalling products to ensure the highest margin of safety and quality.”

The FDA is encouraging consumers to dispose of any five-ounce cans of Chunk White Albacore and Chunk Light Tuna they purchased between January 17 and February 28.  You can verify whether your specific canned tuna is impacted by this recall by visiting the FDA’s website.

If you purchased Bumble Bee Tuna impacted by this recall, the company will issue you a refund.  You can contact Bumble Bee Consumer Affairs by calling (800) 800-8572.

Sources: NY Daily News, The Consumerist, UPI, FDA

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