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Gas Cylinder Explosion Victim’s Family wins $3 Million Jury Verdict in Union County


Red Bank, NJ. (October 5, 2012) – A Union County, New Jersey jury on October 4th awarded a Somerset New Jersey widow and her family a total of $3 Millions in compensation for the tragic death of Thomas Coon. The Coons family was represented by Joel Rosen of Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C. who was assisted at trial by Michael McMahon also of C/P/R. The verdict was against AGL Welding Supply Co., Inc., who the jury determined was negligent and responsible for causing a violent explosion of a compressed gas cylinder that killed Mr. Coon in May 2009. Coon was fatally injured while at work when an industrial grade compressed oxygen cylinder he was refilling suddenly ruptured and exploded. The enormous force of the blast caused massive injuries to Coon and ultimately his death. He was 60 years old. In addition to his wife, Coon left behind two daughters and several grandchildren

Following a three week long trial presided over by Superior Court Judge Lisa F. Chrystal, the six member jury unanimously determined the defendant welding supply company was negligent when it tested and certified the integrity of the compressed gas cylinder that exploded and killed Coon.

The verdict in favor of the Coons family came after a very challenging and highly contentious trial. In separate consecutive votes the six member jury found the welding supply company was negligent when it performed a 10 year inspection and requalification of the cylinder that exploded; that AGL Welding’s negligence in doing the testing was the cause of Mr. Coon's death; and that Mr. Coon in no way shared any blame for the events leading up his death. Attorney Rosen said after the verdict was announced, “This case is an example of how human error can lead to dangerous conditions even in a highly regulated industry with stringent requirements for testing and requalification. It is vital that workers operating in these dangerous fields are given the utmost protection that can be afforded. The family is pleased and grateful for the jury’s award.”


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